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How it works

How hungry for slang are you? You can have a Taste, a Bite, or a Meal.
A Taste A taste is the smallest sample of Slang4US. It’s the few slang phrase videos on the home page. You’ve already had a taste.
A Bite  $1 for 20 Videos

Suppose you want a little more to eat. You don’t know that you want to commit to hundreds of slang videos, or maybe you just want to check out a few that caught your interest. Then you can have a little bite of slang. For around $1 US in your local currency you can buy access to 20 slang videos.

(I hope that people are reading this in China, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden. So I can’t say 6.7¥, 3.75﷼, and 8.53kr. Who knows what the exchange rate will be when you read this? I’ll just say “one buck ($1) for 20 slang videos” and you figure it out.)

You go to the REGISTRATION page and say you want access to 20 slang videos. You see a list of all the slang phrases. CLICK on one you’d like. The puts one slang video in your library. There might be five other slang phrases in the video with the one you’ve chosen. All six will show up on your list of CHOSEN SLANG PHRASES. You’ve got 19 videos to go. Choose another slang phrase. Then you can CLICK on the slang videos in your CHOSEN list and start watching.

If you like what you see and want just a little more slang to eat, you can pay another buck for another 20 slang videos. You can build up your slang video library 20 at a time.

Meal  $6 for six months of ALL Videos

Maybe you’ve had a bite (20 videos), or maybe you just want sit down to a big meal, all you can eat. For six dollars ($6) you get all the slang videos there are for six months. Now, at the beginning of Slang4US there might be 300 slang videos (with 1,500 slang phrases). That will keep you busy for quite a while. But, soon I hope there will be 3,000 slang videos. For $6 you get them all for half a year.

Six months from now you can say “I’m full. I can’t eat any more.” and leave the slang meal. But, I hope that you’ll see how much slang food is left on the table and decide to buy in for another six months.


Eat for Free? Slang for Free? When you sign up for 20 slang videos or six months of slang, we’ll ask you for a little information: your e-mail address, all your social media connections (FaceBook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, Wiebo, whatever), and where you’re from.

A part of the sign-up is a question: “Where did you hear about Slang4US?” Suppose tomorrow your friend begins to register. In response to that question she might choose “Internet”. Or she might leave it blank. Or, she might put down one of your social media connections, saying “I heard it from him.” If she does, you get another plate full of slang for free!

If a new registrant puts down one of your social media connections in response to “Where did you hear about Slang4US?” and you have bought

20 or 40 slang videos, you get another 5 for free. If you’ve bought the whole meal, six months of slang, you get another month for free.

Spread the word and you eat for free. Free slang!